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Bottled water can and does compete with tap

I just read this story in the Edinburgh Scotsman about a leaked p.r. memo detailing tap water’s (relatively few) failings, to be used as ammo in case “the media turns hostile to our cause”.  The cause is bottled water and the memo was written for the National Hydration Council, a lobby group funded by Nestle Waters,  Danone (which produces Volvic and Evian), and Highland Spring. The bottled water industry continues to claim it competes not with tap water but with high-calorie and other processed drinks. The argument is getting a little tired. Yes, quenching your thirst with water is healthier than quenching with sugary drinks, but it’s also true that drinking good tap water is better than drinking single-serve water bottled in plastic.

Tap water not available (another frequently heard argument in favor of bottled)? Bottle your own — from home, from a cafe sink, from a public spigot. Not enough spigots? Tell your mayor, your utility, your college president, parks department or office boss: we need more fountains!

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